November 17, 2009

Facebook is a phenomena to me.  I find myself checking it at least once a day awaiting news, connecting with old friends, looking at statuses, laughing and admiring know how it is.   A myriad of emotions rush through me in one sitting that makes me wonder at it all.  News of pregnancies, baby births, and fun family vacations  (though happy for them) make me aware it isn’t me.  I see pictures of old friends getting togerther, smile, and then realize I wasn’t invited to the party. I read status’s-some of which make me smile and yet others might reveal a broken heart which saddens me.  Oh the pictures…new families, children, old times, and telling photos that show I have not aged as well as my classmates.  (david assures me noone would willingly put a terrible picture of themselves on there)  Thanks to my friend Meredith and doing the “chester cheetah” in a self portrait I have a doozie.  I was moritfied when I saw it and why?  Shouldn’t I be able to be transparent even on Facebook?  Obviously there is a “wall” there to hide behind.  I believe what all us are longing for with it all is intimacy. I know I do.  A desire to reach out of these physical walls(especially with children) and “touch” someone else’s life and be a piece of their world.  And yet are we completely real, tangible, loving people beyond facebook messages?   So often the news feed leaves me discontent, thirsty, and longing because I cannot see the people face to face.  And yet I am drawn to it as a substitute to try to quench it all.  Some days even more than spending time drinking in His word and meeting my Lord face to face.  So it makes me wonder….

What would Jesus be like on Facebook?  I am not trying to be disrepectful but would he have to ask the disciples to be his friend….would they confirm the Almighty’s request…would they start a fan club?  How many friends would He have anyway?  and oh the pictures and statuses….”I just tagged my thumb with a hammer” ….”wonder when my parents will realize I didn’t come home from the temple?”….”only one came back to thank me”….”will my disicples ever get a clue?”….”It is finished!”  And his pictures…would he upload the wedding pictures…have family photos by the fig trees…dare someone put the unbecoming picture of the cross?   I really don’t think Jesus would be a facebook kind of guy – human touch was too important to Him.   During His journey on Earth His healings mostly used human touch and face to face interaction.   I believe He wanted people to experience this intimacy.   Jesus spoke to the woman at the well so intimately in saying “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again,  but whoever drinks the water I give Him will never thirst.”  John 4:13  Jesus knows the “water” of this world will never satisfy us.  I think all the technology is great fun and can be useful in so many ways in our lives.  I want to be sure though I am seeking intimacy with my saviour  first and pouring that “water”  out to the lives around me.  I want to desire His water and Spirit to fill my soul so I will taste the satisfaction of a quenching intimacy with Him.  Nothing false or photoshoped…just the true son of God.


so, so good. and true. let’s deactivate our accounts in protest =)

Awesome post, and one that I can very much relate to. Thank you for being transparent with your thoughts.

Hi, I just read the stories of each of your boys. Truly amazing to see God work in their lives and yours. As I was reading your story, I realized I have met you before. We meet when your twin boys were about two years old at Moes with Ryan Compton. My husbands name is Dee. We have recently decided to adopt from Uganda after having two kids of our own. Julie from the blog sent me your blog. So good to reconnect with you after several years. So neat to see what God is doing. We are excited to join you on this journey of adoption!

Love this post Judith…so true…all of it.


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