We love our time at Grandfather mountain and Gingercake, NC during the Thanksgiving holidays.  It is so beautiful up there and we are so blessed to spend our time with the Mcneelys and Steve and Rachel Davis.  I have the most wonderful in-laws and am so thankful for the constant love they have shown towards me.  Steve and Rachel, well, I love more than I can really express in words…they are just fun, easy, and so cool to be with.  I admire them both and cherish the time we get to spend with them every year.  Steve and Rachel help me have a little culture and make me think of life in new ways(you guys didn’t know all that did you?) 

 As I am living out the holiday season I was thinking of holidays in days past and I felt the Lord wanted me to remember and pray:

for those who  children will never know the wonderment of the holiday-May God somehow bring them peace and comfort

for those who had to let go of someone too soon and their seat in the room or at the table saddens their hearts-may God make allow their memories to bring great solace and even some laughter

for those who are in in-house treatment for addictions to strong to conquer alone-May God grant you strength and may His arms hold you in the lonliness of missing your family and your family missing you

for those who are bound to addictions, struggling to make it through the temptations and anxieties that  the holidays brings-May God somehow renew your mind and body and His love would pour over you.

for those who are awaiting the adoption of children-May God grant them endurance and they wait and hope for good news.

for those who have no worries, Halleluyah!!-May God  allow them to cherish  the blessing of the holiday,of  who He is, and who He came to save. 

“And HE will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”  Isaiah 9